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I offer services in Technical Drawing, 3D Modeling, material assignment in image rendering, and the creation of realistic spaces. This allows clients to visualize their projects in 3D before bringing them to life.

Architectural drawing

Architectural drawing is a crucial phase in defining a specific project. Through it, I can have an overall vision of the design my client desires and establish the necessary objectives and goals for the creation of the 3D model, when a full-service is required.


 3D Modeling

This process is carried out using specialized 3D design software, which allows me to create models with great precision and detail. I use the necessary tools to ensure that the 3D model is as accurate as possible to what the client has in mind. In summary, the creation of the 3D model is a crucial phase in my workflow that allows me to transform the initial idea into a precise and realistic three-dimensional model.



I apply specific materials to the 3D model to add textures and realism. This includes assigning different materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, among others. By doing so, the client can have a clearer visualization of how the final design will look. I also render high-quality images of the 3D design. This step is important as it allows the client to see the design in a precise and realistic manner, including shadows, reflections, and other visual effects.


Interior Design

Creation of a space, in this service, I utilize my previous skills to transform the architectural drawing into a visually tangible reality. This can involve the fabrication of physical objects, constructions, decorations, among others.

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