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Women's House

Type of project



Senegal, Africa


KAIRA LOORO(Competition)

It is the representation of the spread of education and equality towards African women, in space and time. It will embody a dynamic, multifaceted, and flexible design both in the interior and exterior structure, inspired by the qualities of women, enabling the dissemination of knowledge and gender equality throughout time. It will be a place created for all, with flexible and easy access to diverse topics ranging from basic science to social skills such as public speaking, as well as other socially relevant topics such as effective farming methods or artistic activities.

The initial focus is on a center that serves as the first energy stimulus, characterized by a majestic tree symbolizing wisdom. This is where all activities and cultural gatherings will take place. Water leads to the second conceptual wave, the transitional valley of sand. This valley allows passage towards the crest, which conceptualizes the third wave of the project. On the crest, there are two volumes (one more hierarchical than the other) of porches made of bamboo resting on tires filled with soil, showcasing an environmentally-friendly design.

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